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In Part 1, we when over the basics on AngularJS. In Part 2, we when over AngularJS and Charts. In Part 3, we when over common mistakes when developing using AngularJS.  In this part of the tutorial, I wish to share with you a small directive I am building. I apologize in advance if you see my code a little messy. I have a shortage of free time so I built this in a hurry. I am not including the back-end such as PHP, MySQL, and REST using JSON. That would be part of another tutorial.

Lets begin with this draft of project. The idea is to use JSON as the model that will indicate the view to use a template which itself use the UI feature called accordion in a nested way to display all the work experience I have:


On the previous part of this tutorial, “AngularJS: Tutorial: Part 2: Charts”, I showed you how you can make some nice charts using Angular-Chart.js, a library built by Jerome Toufee-Blin. For example, a reactive chart:

This code works; however, there are some silly mistakes that could bring some troubles in the future. Therefore, here is a list of common mistakes and some suggestions on how to go around them.


Me and my friend, David Corrigan, spent more than three months working on our first Android application, Cupid-4-Stupid.

The idea of this project came from David and we both work together to make it true.


As you may know, Microsoft is getting into the open source community with the ASP.NET and DNX with the mono project.
The .NET Execution Environment (DNX) is a software development kit which allows you to run .NET applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux using different frameworks such as .NET framework, .NET Core, and Mono. However, everything are not roses. There are many incomplete libraries, incompatibilities, lack of documentation, and most of the examples such as doing SQL or SOAP do not work depending on which the library targets you are planning to code for. Therefore, I decided to test the basics on all the library targets. I am starting with DNX451.

Optional parameters seems to be working fine in DNX451 with C#. Below is a code example for those who wish to play with it.





You can see these people smiling and laughing but is not for joy.

Their smile is to give each other courage and their laugh is the only way for them to not go insane.



NetBeans 7.4 display an exception, send by Tomcat, that cannot be solved by just stopping Tomcat, cleaning and building the project. This issue happens because NetBeans keeps uploading a previous version of the project from its cache which is not being updated.

Solution For Windows Users

  1. On NetBeans
    1. Stop Tomcat
    2. Clean your project
    3. Exit NetBeans
  2. Go to “C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\NetBeans” (where USERNAME is your windows login username)
  3. Delete folder “Cache”
  4. Open NetBeans again. Build and test your project on the browser.