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In my spare time, I will be learning about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and other topics where Python is the interpreted language of choice.
Below are some fast notes I cleaned up to share to however is interested. Disclaimer: I am not responsible of the content or how you use the content. The responsibility fall on you.

var Book = (function(){
    // Private
    var _name;
    var _price;
    var priceChanging = [];
    var priceChanged = [];

    var updatePriceChanging = function(_this, value){
        for (var i = 0; i < priceChanging.length; ++i){
            if (!priceChanging[i](this, value)){
                return true;
        return false;

    var updatePriceChanged = function(_this){
        for (var i = 0; i < priceChanged.length; ++i){

    return {
        factory(name, price){
            _name = name;
            _price = price;
            return this;
        ,name: function(){
            return _name;
        , price: function(value){
            if (value !== undefined
                && value != _price){
                var isPriceTooHigh = updatePriceChanging(this, value)
                if (isPriceTooHigh){
                    return _price;
                _price = value;    
            return _price;
        ,onPriceChanging: function(callback){
        , onPriceChanged: function(callback){



var book = Book.factory('Lord Of the Rings', 23.99);


book.onPriceChanging(function(book, price){
    console.log('Changing book price to $' + price);
    if (price > 100){
        console.log('-> [X] Price ($' + price + ") is too high. No changing price");
        return false;
    return true;

    console.log("The book '" + + ' changed price to $' + book.price());



Lord Of the Rings
Changing book price to $19.99
The book 'Lord Of the Rings changed price to $19.99
Changing book price to $200
[X] Price ($200) is too high. No changing price
Changing book price to $99.01
The book 'Lord Of the Rings changed price to $99.01



Recently, I was hired by the company IQNavigator. The hiring process involve a background checking done by the company ADP. While ADP was doing my background checking an issue shows up with my Social Security. I would like to use my current personal issue to talk about website and database design.

Continuing with my story, ADP requested me a letter verifying the validity of your social security number. So, I went to the Social Security Administration office at Greeley, CO. The SSA representative told me that they didn’t issue such letter. The only letters they provided was when a change was done to the social security or when requesting a social security number. After some seconds on the computer, the SSA representative notice that while my full name was correctly printed in my social security card, my last name was shorter by one letter in the SSA database system. She fix this issue in the database and gave me a receipt of the transaction.


title_20100727Around 2011, I started playing with GarageBand, a software application developed by Apple Inc for OS X and iOS which allows users to create music and/or podcast. The following are the four songs I created playing around with the program:


As you may know, Microsoft is getting into the open source community with the ASP.NET and DNX with the mono project.
The .NET Execution Environment (DNX) is a software development kit which allows you to run .NET applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux using different frameworks such as .NET framework, .NET Core, and Mono. However, everything are not roses. There are many incomplete libraries, incompatibilities, lack of documentation, and most of the examples such as doing SQL or SOAP do not work depending on which the library targets you are planning to code for. Therefore, I decided to test the basics on all the library targets. I am starting with DNX451.

Only binary serialization seems to be working in DNX451 with C#. SOAP serialization was not included in the library, I am assuming that such library is available for DNXCORE5.
Below is a code example for those who wish to play with it.


ted talks logo modified.fw Since I was a child and up to my adulthood, a question always popped my head: “Why the educational system in which we are raise up, suck so much?” It sucks from the moment you get inside and keep sucking even when you are at the university.

Doesn’t matter where you go, the system is the same. A system that invited students to quit learning and just focus them on following a “script”. A system which destroys all the motivation that students could have in learning to just made them focus on getting “good grades” or being punish otherwise. A system that doesn’t reflex the natural way of learning. This made me always to fix the educational system.


I found out that trying to find which is the relay that controls the high/low beams in my VW GTI ’98 was going to much work.
I would require to remove the seat since the relays are in a very hard position to access to.
My solution? Take the tester, remove the panel around the steer wheel and check the cables.
I put a regular switch to emulate the relay that take care of the high/low beams. Problem solved.