Notes: Python: Part 1

In my spare time, I will be learning about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and other topics where Python is the interpreted language of choice.
Below are some fast notes I cleaned up to share to however is interested. Disclaimer: I am not responsible of the content or how you use the content. The responsibility fall on you.

Exiting REPL: Ctrl-Z (Windows), Ctrl-D (Linux, OSX)

The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters:



Making a cheap large table

I was taking a class of physics to review some things at Broome Community College which required me to use a table with minimum of  one meter by one meter in proportion. The first problem was money and the second problem was space.

Lucky for me, I found out that one of my neighbours thought to the trash an old table for kids.

I pick up that table. I bought a board for  less than 10 dollars. A little work, and magic.


Jog 101 for iOS

Jog 101 Splash image on iOSJog 101 is a simple application based on the walk/run technique design for those who don’t have endurance or fitness to run for long periods of time.

Set the amount of minutes you wish to warm up. Then, the amount of minutes you wish to run and/or walk plus the number of repetitions. The application will tell you when you should warm up, run and/or walk.

Warm Up + [ (Run + Walk) x Repetitions] = Total exercise time in minutes



3D Printer – TODO list

  • Create base
  • Finish X and Y axis structure
  • Z platform
  • Access to Oscilloscope. Send email.
  • Linux Driver / Module
  • Program Arduino for communication to Module
  • Investigate different materials that can be used to build 3d Objects
  • Investigate option of turning materials
  • Interaction between Module and Blender / other applications
  • Build own 3D editor?
  • Need GUI properties panel for printing
  • Record expenses (in progress)