3D Game – Postponed until base of the game is build

After sharing my ideas with some friends, I decided to not publish it until I get the game running.

The reason is that the idea is very original and doesn’t exist in the field of games.

I hope be able to develop it before someone help have it.

Anyways, I am thinking to write it down and keep documentation.


3D Printer – TODO list

  • Create base
  • Finish X and Y axis structure
  • Z platform
  • Access to Oscilloscope. Send email.
  • Linux Driver / Module
  • Program Arduino for communication to Module
  • Investigate different materials that can be used to build 3d Objects
  • Investigate option of turning materials
  • Interaction between Module and Blender / other applications
  • Build own 3D editor?
  • Need GUI properties panel for printing
  • Record expenses (in progress)