Group Project: 3D Game for the iphone and itouch!

Its official!

Our group is going to develop a new game for the iphone! A new system for first shooters. So far, I have not found anyone that came up with the same idea. Therefore, it will be in secret until the game in publish.

Our team right now if form by:

Alejandro G. Carlstein Ramos Mejia – Game Concept Designer, Programmer, Administration

Agustin Alejandro Benavidez: Project Manager

Philibian Lindo: Programmer, Audio and Visual effects, Animation

Stephen Brower: Programmer.

Adam Willson: Graphic Designer

Joshua R. Smith: Code tester

Extra help from:

Marina Carlstein Ramos Mejia: Graphic Designer

The team


Code Examples in C++

Here are some code examples written in C++
Even do they are written in C++, I would advice to compile them in Linux as I did. If you encounter any problems or errors, please let me know by providing an example of the code, input, output, and an explanation. Thanks
NOTIFICATION: These examples are provided for educational purposes. Using this code is under your own responsibility and risk. I do not take responsibilities of how they are used.


2D Game – Playing around with Haxe

Today, I submerge myself in haxe (

In my point of view, what really matters is not the language but  how you program.

However, there is a learning curve for any language.

I wish they would have a documentation like in Which normally is well detailed, there are examples, and also people can add other examples and ask questions. The system of documentation that they are using takes too long. I need examples that can be copied, pasted, and play around it. After, playing around, I can begin doing hardcore programming.


3D Game – Postponed until base of the game is build

After sharing my ideas with some friends, I decided to not publish it until I get the game running.

The reason is that the idea is very original and doesn’t exist in the field of games.

I hope be able to develop it before someone help have it.

Anyways, I am thinking to write it down and keep documentation.

When I have something working, I would not mind to share it publicly.


Multi-Player 2D Game – Outline

  • GUI Map Editor
  • Player GUI
  • Network communication
  • Server
  • IA Monsters
  • Quests
  • Chat Room
  • Map Editor Inventory
  • Player Inventory
  • Buildings
  • Security
  • Error Handling/Reporting
  • Help
  • Tutorial
  • Feedback