GIMP: Interview: Jobs: Banners

Since some of the jobs I am applying, require that I know ASP.NET and C#, I have decided to build a website.
I installed successfully ASP.NET with C# on my Mac OSX.

The following are some banners showing the products I made, help to make, and/or maintained, the technologies I used, plus the companies I worked for:























I made them using GIMP since I do not have another graphic editor available at the moment.
I would say that GIMP provides quite a different and unique user interface.
While the user interface is not intuitive, this is the best open source software available for image editing I know so far.



IBM WebSphere Cast Iron: Integrations and/or Jobs Stuck: Solution


If you are having troubles with jobs that are not stopping (stuck in cancelling state), or the integrations are stuck in starting or stopping state plus the appliance is slow and the resources are being eating away, follow the next steps:

  1. Login using Putty
  2. Execute the following command: system clean running orchmon
    This command will remove any current running jobs and deletes the job logs to clear up resources. Even do the appliance will not be restarted, the web interface will be restarted.

This will allow you to clean the appliance without having to restart or reboot it. However, all the log information you were storing will be wipe out.