Multi-Player 2D Game – Outline

  • GUI Map Editor
  • Player GUI
  • Network communication
  • Server
  • IA Monsters
  • Quests
  • Chat Room
  • Map Editor Inventory
  • Player Inventory
  • Buildings
  • Security
  • Error Handling/Reporting
  • Help
  • Tutorial
  • Feedback

Multi-player 2D Game – Drawings (1)

Map Edit GUI


Long Time Ago…

Our civilization kept growing…

Greedy ruled the world…

Greedy ruled the world

Resources started lacking…
And a war for them began…
At the end, the world was destroyed…
A wasteland was instead…
Life was at the border of extinction…
However, some how…
Life managed to survive…
Now, in a new world….
Were previous damage still remain …
This world shall be explored again…
A new cycle has just began…

Multi-player 2D Game : Introduction’s drawings

  1. Right now, I am working in the introduction of the game by drawing the each scene.
    Later, I will see to find a way to animate them.
  2. I was checking for code and ideas. However, I think it is time for me to begin coding something.
    Sometimes over-preparation  is a way of procrastination. Tomorrow, I am going to do the first lines of code.
  3. I decided to begin working on the map editor first. It is one of the hardest part but after it is done, it would be a great help and experience.
  4. I meet an old friend. He is doing some 3D projects. I told to him about these projects I am doing and seems to be interested. I will send him an email.
  5. I have the drawings of the map editor done so far. Still there are things I need to think about. My objective is to build a very simple, easy to use editor. Especially when I don’t have to much space.

List of projects

This summer, I am working on these projects:

  1. Building a 3D printer by recycling printers parts:
    * Buy Arduino with motor-shield  (Done)
    * Performe X head testing (Done)
    * Build base and test opto-sensors
    * Do 3D pieces by: Turning materials, melting plastic, other options.
    * [Pictures]
  2. Develop an open source multi-player 2D game.
    * Draw GUI design (In progress)
    * Use Haxe, PHP, and MySQL
    * Thing about game story (In progress)
    * Search for references (In progress)
  3. Develop an open source multi-player 3D game (after finishing the 2D game).
    * Think about original idea, no used so far on other games (Done)
    * Decide on using existing open-source engines or create a new graphic and physics engine.
  4. Repaint my motorcycle (previous design got ruin)
    * Draw new design
    * Purchase paint and materials
    * [Previous painting pictures]